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Eve bit in the apple
Priests made it a crime
now we’re stuck with the feeling
of Shame that we must hide.


Shame about the texture of my hair

Shame about my image that I shared     

Shame about the little skirts I weared

Shame about my sexual affairs


Shame about the colour of my skin

Shame of being black but white within

Shame about the things I did not say

Now I’m ashamed about for always be ashamed


Shame on me 


Shame in us, spread out in silence 

Afraid that you and I will understand

Shame that everybody keeps alive

Now it’s time to show that Shame has died


Shame on me

Shame upon our bodies
always in disguise
Afraid of being part of Nature,
Nature we despise

Silence for the sleep
and masks for the lies

Holy is the Body

Sacred is Desire


Holy is the Body

Sacred is Desire



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