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Class: FShapes FClass: FShapes Class Desc: This class provides various shapes for use within Flight Simulator. Headers: Header file for FShapes Class: FShapes.h Notes: Note for FShapes.h file: There is no current documentation for this class. A: FSpot is the name of the environment for FSX. So, this means there is no such thing as, "FSX-Studio class". It is possible to make a class for that, but I am not aware of such a thing. Instead, you would create a class that extends FSX's FSpot, or FSpot's FSpot, or FSpot's FSpot. Q: No serialization for non-structural types in JSON.NET I am trying to generate a JSON for my output as below, [{"id":"12","name":"chai"},{"id":"13","name":"lion"}] In this case, I am not interested in the id and name of the object itself. Instead I want to get the id and name of the JSON as shown in below snippet. [{"id":"12","name":"chai"}, {"id":"13","name":"lion"}] I am using Json.NET for this. You can try to use an anonymous type for your output as shown below. var list = new [] { new { id = "12", name = "chai" }, new { id = "13", name = "lion" }, }; var serializedList = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(list, Formatting.Indented); var deserializedList = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject>>(serializedList); Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(deserializedList)); Output: [ { "id": "12", "name": "



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