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NET. @RISK version 6.0 can be downloaded from . The active working group of @RISK is the Refactoring Disease Initiative, , which we invite you to join. Clinical application of biodegradable polymers. The development of biodegradable polymers for medical applications is one of the major trends in polymer science. The properties of biodegradable polymers are extremely attractive in view of their applications in vivo. This review paper summarizes various applications of biodegradable polymers in a variety of fields including controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering, biomaterials for surgical sutures, bone tissue engineering, and implantable medical devices.How To Write Great Email Subject Lines That Won’t Get Deleted By Spam Filters We’re entering the last week of summer. It’s a beautiful time of year to be somewhere sunny with a good excuse to take a vacation, so why not put your email campaigns on auto-pilot and allow your clients to contact you via your website? Sound too easy? I guarantee you that if you do it, your open rate will decrease a full 10%. This is because the same day your clients are checking out your website, they’re also receiving your newsletters, sales letters and promotions that tell them to call you. But your emails are different. They’re personal and they tell your clients about you, your products and services and what you’re offering. The best email subject lines are not the ones that promise something, because we’ve all seen those. They’re the ones that are personal and tell your clients something about you, and that appeals to them. Your email is your first impression. You want to make it memorable and keep them from hitting delete. But how? For starters, you want to know what they look like on their device. Do they open them on a smartphone? A computer? Is the first thing they see, or is there something else on top of that? The most successful email subject lines are those that are personal, something about you. They appeal to the client, maybe something about their



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